accelerating ftp

TIXway-on-Demand provides acceleration of long haul FTP transfers in the Internet. Working entirely service-based no installation is required at the communication end points.

If your file exchange with partners overseas runs slower than you expect – try TIXway-on-Demand. No extra software. No mess up of your processes and work flows. No investment. No risk. Just fast transfers!


Sample speed-ups

Client SiteServer SiteAcceleration
EuropeSingapore× 17.0
EuropeUnited States West Coast× 13.2
United States West CoastEurope× 9.3
United States West CoastIndia× 4.5

Table shows current acceleration figures of active links: conventional FTP versus TIXway-on-Demand.

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Save time.Maximize data rates for long haul FTP – speed up file transfers as if they take place in a metropolitan area.
No installation.You do not need any additional software or hardware. Just keep on using your FTP tools – no modifications required.
Secure.Data is passed fully transparently through our gateway – no intermediate storage, no hassle with additional credentials.
No investment.No need to spend money on acquiring software or hardware.