FTP WAN File Transfer Acceleration

accelerating ftp

Fast file transfer is the key enabler for distributed workflows and cloud services. The most common File Transfer Protocol (FTP) works well in local environments but its speed heavily degrades on today's Wide Area Networks (WANs).

TIXway boosts FTP based workflows with minimum user impact: no extra software, no extra devices, no change in workflows.

TIXway provides significant transfer acceleration by replacing TCP on the critical long haul path and using TIXEL's patented WAN Transfer Protocol instead. This guaranties 100% error-free data transfers at fastest speeds on standard Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Packet loss, jitter, and high latencies are efficiently compensated.


FTP Acceleration Benefits

Accelerate FTP transfersMaximize data rates for long haul FTP files transfers – up to the rates you experience in a local environment.
Add securityEncrypt FTP transfer on the critical path – in realtime, with full transfer rate and with strong AES encryption.
Minimize integration effortsNo need to exchange or modify your existing tools and workflows – just make them faster and secure.
TIXway vs. plain FTP

Transferring 100 Gigabytes from Los Angeles to London may take two days using plain FTP – or just 6 minutes using TIXway.

TIXway can perfectly be combined with TIXstream enabled environments in order to support a broader range of workflow setups and applications.

TIXway is a perfect in-house solution for world wide operating organizations as well as a multi-tenant provider service for several customers.

FTP WAN Acceleration as a Service

TIXway-as-a-Service provides acceleration of long haul FTP transfers in the Internet. Working entirely service-based no installation is required at the end points.

If your file exchange with partners overseas runs slower than you expect – try TIXway-on-Demand. No extra software, neighter at your nor your customer's premise. No mess up of your processes and work flows. No investment. No risk. Just fast file transfers!

Sample speed-ups

Client SiteServer SiteAcceleration
EuropeSingapore× 17.0
EuropeUnited States West Coast× 13.2
United States West CoastEurope× 9.3
United States West CoastIndia× 4.5

Table shows acceleration rates of active links: conventional FTP versus TIXway-as-a-Service.

FTP Acceleration Service Benefits

Save time.Maximize data rates for long haul FTP – speed up file transfers as if they take place in a metropolitan area.
No installation.You do not need any additional software or hardware. Just keep on using your FTP tools – no modifications required.
Secure.Data is passed fully transparently through our gateway – no intermediate storage, no hassle with additional credentials.
No investment.No need to spend money on acquiring software or hardware.