High-Performance WAN File Transfer

Maximum file transfer performance requires optimization of the entire processing chain – from source storage, network packet handling up to the destination storage system

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TIXEL's TIXstream Series provides highest speed grades for reliable data transmission in Wide Area Networks (WANs). TIXstream is the ultimate accelerator and enabler for global data intensive applications.

TIXEL's WAN-optimized transfer protocol guarantees 100% error-free data transfers at fastest speeds on standard Internet Protocol (IP) networks — even in case of packet loss, jitter, and high latencies.


Get transfers with maximum performance Having the entire transmission chain from file reading to remote file writing under control provides best possible transfer rates.
Seamless workflow integrationBy providing flexible ways of integration, most efficient WAN file transfer can perfectly be a part of your processes and workflows.
Maximize use of your network linksLong haul high speed links are significant expense factors. Fully exploit their capacity for bulk data transfer.
TIXstream vs. FTP

Transferring 100 Gigabytes from Los Angeles to London on a 10 Gigabit link may take 47.2 hours using typical tools based on the file transfer protocol (FTP) – or 1.5 minutes using TIXstream.

Moreover strong AES encryption is available without degradation of transfer speed.

The TIXstream high performance software framework optimizes the entire end-to-end transfer chain including file system and network access as well as CPU intensive processing. For highest flexibility there are multiple ways of seamless integration of TIXstream in various kinds of environments.