TIXway provides transparent acceleration of existing FTP-based workflows with ultimate ease of integration.

TIXway brings the power of TIXstream WAN transfer acceleration to standard file transfer (FTP based) applications without the need of integration at the FTP systems.

TIXway complements FTP software applications without replacing them. The TIXway software works on FTP/IP network layer. Thus TIXway only needs a connection to the regular local IP network. TIXway may also run on the FTP client and/or FTP server machine so there is no need to install extra software on the FTP endpoints. Thus TIXway also works with cameras and mobile devices where software installation is impossible. TIXway nodes can serve multiple FTP clients and servers.

Alternatively, TIXway can easily be operated on the same machines used for running FTP client (or server respectively) – ideal for mobile laptop computers and existing FTP servers.

TIXway Functionality

TIXway scheme

Involving TIXway requires a client-side-gateway (CSG) close to the FTP client(s) and a server-side-gateway (SSG) close to the FTP server(s). You may also operate TIXway on the actual FTP end-point itself.

A CSG terminates connections from FTP clients locally and connects to an SSG via WAN.

A Server Side Gateway (SSG) accepts WAN connections from CSGs and connects to FTP servers locally.

WAN-critical FTP is used only for the local connections between client and CSG as well as between SSG and FTP server. The critical long haul connection is boosted by TIXEL's WAN optimized protocol.

TIXway Features

  • Significantly accelerates FTP based workflows by locally terminating FTP connections and running RWTP on the critical long haul path
  • Minimum user impact — unmodified workflows, minimum integration and deployment effort
  • No extra software on FTP client and server machines
  • Compatible with standard FTP software and devices
  • One TIXway node can serve multiple FTP clients/servers
  • Multiple parallel FTP sessions at each TIXway
  • TIXway nodes are located on or in close proximity to the FTP nodes – in-house, on-set, or at the network provider.
  • TIXway software runs on LINUX, MAC OS X and MS Windows. The TIXway software package is deployed with a platform-specific installer.

Transfer rate may be limited when round trip time (RTTmax) exceeds 200ms and network packet loss rate exceeds 0.1%. Sum of transfer rates of parallel transfers may not exceed total transfer rate. Transfer rate is agnostic to content of transmitted data, file formats, etc.

Actual values may vary due to performance of FTP clients, FTP servers, storage systems, file systems, and network conditions. Transfer rates are equally distributed over all active connections between a pair of CSG and SSG.

All information is subject to change without notice.