TIXEL's software provides secure and fast network data transfer

TIXway Scheme

TIXway accelerates existing network tools for WAN use.

TIXstream Scheme

TIXstream transfers files with maximum speed.

TIXway Series


TIXway speeds up existing TCP-based applications like FTP on wide area links with maximum ease of deployment and use. Pure acceleration for familiar workflows and systems. One TIXway can accelerate and encrypt transfers for multiple clients or servers.


TIXway-as-a-Service enables FTP acceleration on the Internet as a unique fully managed service: no need for any additional software installations – neither on your nor on your customer's premises. Easily accelerate file exchange to instantly gain more speed and flexibility for your business.

TIXway Universal

TIXway Universal transparently accelerates sftp, scp, rsync, TSM, CIFS, NFS and other TCP-based applications, like remote backup and recovery, archiving and synchronization.

TIXstream Series


TIXstream offers secure and reliable enterprise-grade file transfer performance up to several Gigabits/s – maximum speed regardless of file size, content, or latency. TIXstream comes with lightweight interfaces for rapid integration.

TIXstream FX

TIXstream FX is the turn-key solution for professional web-based file exchange. Ultimate simplicity enables spontaneous and nomadic use for everyone, anywhere on the Internet and within your private network.

TIXstream Express

TIXstream Express provides easy-to-use high-speed file transfer, either stand-alone or smoothly integrated into your favorite workflow system.

About Our Products

TIXEL offers a wide variety of scalable transfer solutions for any data transfer challenge in various environments covering several kinds of network, storage, applications, and workflows.

TIXEL gets the most of cost intensive storage and network infrastructure covering links at some Megabits per second up to multiple 10 Gigabits per second as well as local file system migration at tremendous speed.

TIXEL products are created for 24/7 heavy duty operations in professional environments.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for finding the right solution your specific requirements.

Common Features

  • TIXEL's network technology enables efficient compensation of network impairments like packet loss, jitter, and high latencies
  • Compatible with standard Internet Protocol (IP) infrastructure like the Internet, leased lines or via satellite
  • Guaranteed robust 100 % error-free data transfers
  • Fastest speeds at current and upcoming WAN links for reliable and secure data transfers
  • Content agnostic transfer speed
  • Available as software for Linux, Mac OS X and MS Windows


TIXstream vs. FTP

On a typical WAN link with a round trip time (RTT) of 100 ms and 0.1 % packet loss FTP may deliver 5 Megabits/s or less – even on a 1- or 10 G link.

TIXway boosts this to 2500 Megabits/s. TIXstream entirely fills the 10 G link.

Thus waiting for 100 Gigabytes to be transferred may take two days, 6 minutes — or less that 1.5 minutes.