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Die axxeo GmbH wurde 2004 als Linux- und Netzwerkdienstleister in Hannover gegründet. Der Gründer Dipl.-Inform. Andreas Godzina betreut seit ca. 1988 als Freiberufler, Internetprovider (ping Netzwerksysteme GmbH, 1996-2000) und Unix-Spezialist in der Region Hannover Kunden verschiedenster Branchen und Größen.

Inzwischen kümmert sich ein Team von hochqualifizierten Informatikern, Linux- und Netzwerkspezialisten um Kundenprojekte, Programmierung und Support. Wir arbeiten vorsichtig an der Weiterentwicklung der FoX-Serie, unserer modularen Sicherheits-Appliance auf Basis von Debian GNU/Linux, die im Jahr 2003 als Firewall mit Spam- und Virenfilter entstand. Weitere Informationen unter


Cube-Tec International develops integrated solutions for large media archives. As a pioneer in quality control of media workflows, the company focuses on open standards and agile process automation. Cube-Tec benefits from a great deal of experience with large-scale media digitization projects.

Furthermore, Cube-Tec offers state-of-the-art products for content verification and media automation service platforms for modern file-based workflows using reference and non-reference based quality assessment methods.

Being installed in over 100 facilities in 22 different countries, Cube-Tec's products and solutions are used by many of the world's most prestigious broadcast, restoration and archiving institutions which makes Cube-Tec the worldwide leading company in this niche market. Cube-Tec has licensed its technologies to companies like Adobe (for Premiere Pro) and Steinberg Media Technologies, performs services for federal and governmental departments all over the world and has a long history in working in European R&D projects and with standardization bodies like SMPTE, AMWA and EBU.

Cube-Tec International has a US based subsidiary, Cube-Tec North America LLC, since 2009 and longstanding sales partnerships in all continents. Learn more at


DAVID Systems GmbH has a long and proven history of helping public and commercial broadcasters meet the challenges of file-based media production. Along the way, we have evolved from a start-up company in the early 90’s with pioneering ideas in networked radio production, to where we are today as one of the leading international suppliers of end-to-end digital media ecosystem products for radio, TV and other rich-media broadcasting solutions.

The products and technologies are based on open IT standards and used by Radio and TV stations for the acquisition, management, desktop production and playout of digital media. At the heart of the many solutions throughout the industry sits our DigaSystem® product family, which comprises of many independent modules to work in conjunction with each other or independently. Read more at


DBR360 is a leading managed service provider that integrates advanced networking technologies and virtualization infrastructure into private and public cloud solutions. DBR360's name speaks to its ability to Design, Build, and Run advanced solutions to help clients align their cloud and network strategies and realize measurable gains in efficiency, security and reliability - and in the process, gain a competitive edge and better perform on their mission. DBR360 designs, builds and runs cloud, private network and IT infrastructures for enterprises, service providers and system integrators. DBR360's unique capabilities incorporate its virtual data center environment, distributed carrier gateway deployments and professional service organization to deliver high performance, secure, scalable and cost-effective solutions. These scalable solutions, coupled with DBR360's easy to use management controls, enable customers to focus on their core business objectives and leave the technology investment (and driving) to DBR360. DBR360 is headquartered in Fairfax, VA. Learn more at


Dimetis GmbH, headquartered in Dietzenbach, Germany, is a leading software supplier providing standards-based and customized Broadcast OSS and Telecom NGOSS solutions.

Our modular Broadcast OSS Platform® software solutions insure that media, and all other services, can move seamlessly across any network. Dimetis GmbH software products are used by many of the world’s largest broadcasters, telecommunication providers, and media carriers. Read more at