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TIXEL offers unique lightweight solutions for high performance data transfer. Easily get the most out of your IP network link – the Internet, private links, VPN, LAN, WAN, or via satellite.

TIXEL software is the key enabler for accelerating plain point-to-point transfers, cloud services as well as complex big data, B2B, and enterprise workflows.

Based on TIXEL's rock-solid acceleration engine, these products provide unmatched performance and reliability, full-speed encryption, industry standard interfaces, and much more.

Simple point-to-point scenarios as well as complex enterprise and B2B setups can be realized — even covering speeds beyond 10 G in cluster infrastructures. Moreover these products are enabler for novel workflows which were impossible to implement so far. Ask us for individual solutions tailored to your requirements!

TIXEL's software solutions enhance network workflows and systems by either accelerating existing transfer systems transparently or by replacing legacy components – see products overview for details.


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