Moving data. Fast.

Moving Data. Fast.

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Data exchange at ultimate speed
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Lightweight solutions for
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Boost WAN Performance

TIXway Universal transparently accelerates various TCP applications like rsync, NFS etc. for efficient use in wide area networks.

TIXway Universal

Online Service for Correction of Media Files with Fast Data Transfer

TIXstream Express accelerates the MXF Legalizer Online Service by Cube-Tec.

Press release

Central Media Archives with High-Speed File-Transfer

FKT Journal

IVZ provides archive services for German broadcaster ARD – with high-speed remote content access and efficient data exchange in their distributed archive in Berlin and Leipzig. FKT (german).

Moving geo data 12× faster with TIXway

Indian GIS specialist Paradigm exchanges files with customers all around the world – 12× faster by using FTP via TIXway

Learn more in this technical report.

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High Speed Data Transfer

Why solutions for high speed data exchange not only save money.

Product Overview

Professional solutions for data and file transfer – fitting your requirements.

TIXstream FX

Professional fast file exchange: web-based, made easy for everyone.